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Why? I am curious as to why golfers buy ugly putter after ugly putter. Just because a putter looks crazy doesn't mean it will give you the results you need. I think people tend to forget that shaving strokes off your score is the main priority of the game, as they get caught up in the hype when buying new clubs. Sure, I understand people are attracted to the brand on the club, I can admit to this. So, today I found a web gem in regards to this topic, a nice little blog post, that is entertaining as well as informative about this topic. Check out the link I am providing below and give us your feedback about this topic.

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Custom Fit Putters

Lets talk about the importance of a Custom Fit Putter. I found a great article that has a great deal of information and the importance of having a putter that works for you. The author, James O'Brien, gives great insight, statistics, and golf experience that should get your attention. Not only does he discuss different types of putters, which you will find in our collection but also he provides technique. Enjoy this excellent article, it will help you with the important aspects of getting the right putter in your bag.

Custom Fit Putters

Author: James E Obrien

Shave Some Strokes off your Golf Score No matter what your golf score, about 42% of all your strokes are taken with a putter. That is a sobering statistic. While golfers spend hours reading reviews and discussing the various aspects of the new high tech woods and irons, in some cases their putter was probably a gift or won at a golf outing. Many golfers choose a putter based on the intangible "feel". At best, the selection criteria probably wasn't remotely close to the effort expended selecting the remaining clubs. If that sounds like you, you're not alone. If you are not using the right putter for your size and stroke, it is almost impossible to have a consistent and successful putting method. The right putter may be a great way to shave enough strokes off your game to break ninety or at least have old Angus buy the rounds at the 19th hole. The most important part of putter selection is shaft length. Stock putter lengths tend to be standard, which is great if you are of average height and average putting stance. If not, your putter's base is probably not lying perfectly flat on the ground, or you are adjusting your stance. A subtle change which can dramatically affect your stroke and, unfortunately, the results. If the putter's toe is slightly off the ground, there is a tendency to pull the putt to the left. It stands to reason that if the heel of the putter is slightly elevated, the putt will move to the right. The angle of the shaft to the putter head perfectly flat on the green is sometimes called the lie angle. The standard shaft length for putters is 35", but the overall length can range from 32" to 52". If you are taller or shorter than average, your lie angle is going to be wrong and you can absolutely count on missing two or three makeable putts every round. You start thinking you are a poor putter and lose some confidence, when actually you have the wrong putter. This problem is exacerbated as more and more golfers start using the pendulum stroke, which completely changes the shaft length. Check your lie angle by standing in front of a full length mirror and getting into your putting stance as though you are putting into the mirror. Don't use a golf ball. Get into a completely and totally comfortable putting stance. Place your hands on the grip where it is most comfortable, not to make the putter lie flat. Then, look into the mirror. If the club head is not perfectly flat on the floor or rug, the shaft length and/or the lie angle is wrong and you need to go putter shopping. Make sure to determine the appropriate shaft length. If you can find a putter on line that you like with the correct shaft length, go for it. Otherwise, you need to consider a custom fitted golf putter. Other important factors include club head design, putter face loft angle and the new putter inserts that are becoming quite popular. The club head design is a matter of personal choice and comfort. The traditional blade putter are thin and usually carry the weight in both the heel and the toe. They have been around for years and they are what they are. The mallet style putters have more weight in the club head and, most importantly, they are easier to align than the bladed putters. The alignment putter is an improvement on the mallet putter and offers different alignment features that help putt the ball on the target line. Try them all out and choose the one that feels best in your hands. Putter inserts are technology's contribution to putting the golf ball. While design and components vary, the purpose is to get the ball rolling smoothly towards the cup and reducing the dreaded skipping along the green putt. It is also important to consider your putter's loft. You can change the loft of a putter, helpful on slow greens, by putting the ball off the front part of your foot. Loft requirements relate more to the type of green than a golfers individual preference. For example, Bermuda grass greens require a bit more loft than the more traditional bent grass. Check out the greens on your course before making a putter face loft decision. Finally, consider the putter's weight, grip and the hosel (neck). The weight rule is simple. The slower the stroke, the heavier the putter. The grip should be comfortable and designed to reduce that old bugaboo, wrist movement. The hosel places the ball directly under or ahead of the shaft. The more the putter is offset, the more the hands will be in front of the golf ball when the putt is struck. The face balanced or center shafted putter, where the putter's shaft and hosel are more in the center, help the golfer who wants to keep the club face square with the ball throughout the swing. Use your finger to balance your putter. If the putter's face points up, it is face balanced. Take some time to find the putter that is best for your game. All you can save are strokes.
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James OBrien is the president of The Jamison Group, Inc. and an avid golfer. He has golfed extensively in America and Asia. He has an interest, not only in golf's history. but in the technical developments that have greatly changed the game in the last several years. OBrien also is the web master for, a web site devoted to providing Detailed Information, Discounted Golf Equipment.Free Golf Tips to all golfers at every level.

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Styles For Your Putting Grip

Today I am providing 2 great pieces of information in regards to putting grips. First you will be viewing a great video by David Stead the Director of Golf at Angel Park as he shows you different grip techniques for different putters. Second you will be reading an excellent article about the most popular grip techniques used in golf today. All the information today can give you some ideas on the practice greens as you improve your short game.

How to Perfect Your Putter Grip? List of Popular Putting Styles

How to Perfect Your Putter Grip? List of Popular Putting Styles

Author: Paul Hobart

For those who have played golf for a few years, it is common knowledge that it is a game where you need to concentrate a lot on the details. Even things like the brand of the golf ball that you are playing with matters a lot when it comes to this game.

The golf grip stands as one of the most important aspects of the game. A major part of learning golf is devoted to mastering the right kind of grip.

In a golf match, about half of the strokes are devoted to putting and thus, it is imperative for you to devote complete attention to this part of your game. It is a major contributor to your score and if you want to be a good golf player, you must make sure that you practice putting will full enthusiasm and dedication.

There are a number of ways in which you can perfect your putter grip. After you learn the basics, you have to understand by yourself and with the help of your coach which grip suits your style of playing the game. Identifying the grip you are comfortable with and then working on it to become an expert of your kind of grip is one of the most important parts of learning the game.

Below is a list of the most popular putting styles that you need to be familiar with:

• The traditional overlap grip: This is by far the grip adopted by the maximum numbers of golf players. This grip consists of placing your left hand on the grip and resting the right hand just below the left. Once in this position, you need to connect both of your hands by covering the fingers of the right hand with the index finger of the left hand.

• The two fingers down grip: For this grip, you need to cover the putter grip with both of your hands. After you do this, you need to place the index fingers of both your hands in such a way that they point towards the putter grip.

• The Claw grip: This grip is considered by experts to be one of the most unusual grips in the game of golf. However, many golfers consider this to be a great grip whenever they face a putting problem. In this grip, you need to place the left hand on the grip and then the right hand above the putter grip. The final step consists of hooking the hand with the help of your right thumb.

• The left below hand grip: Another golfers' favorite, this grip is the exact opposite of the traditional putting grip. All you need to do is to inverse the positions of your right and left hand.

• The box grip: This is a relatively new kind of grip. It has emerged as the preferred kind of putting grip for a number of golfers after it came into being a few years ago. For this grip, you need to put both your hands side by side in order to make the shoulders level. Then, put your left hand on top of the putting grip and the right hand about an inch below it. This will create a box shape with your hands.

These are the most popular golf grips used by golfers around the world. On these basic grips, each golfer can add his or her own improvisation. So if you are a beginner, start off by going for the grip that suits your playing style best and then gradually improvise on it to improve your game.

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Amazing Putt Video

I want to make todays entry fun, so I found a great video for you to watch, don't worry its short. We can all relate to this video, because at some point in our lives we practiced putting into a cup found from the kitchen. This video will make you chuckle as a college student at ASU , perfectly knocks down a putt that is about a mile long. The touch on this putt is what makes the video great for me.

The point of todays post is to get you to loosen up as you practice your short game. I suggest, relaxing in your own home, setting out an old cup, and just go back to an old school approach and try to knock down those fun-unrealistic putts. Who knows it could rejuvenate your approach to putting. Just have fun!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Advantages Of A Center Shaft Putter

Today I want to share information about center shafted putters to help you with your putting stroke. Author James Smith, does an excellent job describing "center shafted putters" and how they can benefit your short game. Be sure to bookmark this excellent article and pass it onto all of your golf buddies!

The greatest merit in using a center shafted putter is that it provides the perfect distance control and accurate putting stance. If a center shafted putter has a brass insert, then it has been observed that the feel and feedback to the player is perfectly delivered. As soon as the ball hits at the centre of the putter face, it gives a soft “click” sound that allows a golfer to gauge his/her effectiveness in putting.

center shafted putter

Author: james smith

The first thing to consider while buying a golf club putter is the material that is used for the putter head itself. More so than any other golf club in your bag, your putter relies on feel to be used successfully. So the kind of material that is used for the putter head can be important. Unfortunately, there's almost no end to the different kinds of material that are used for putter heads including stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and lots more. The only way to see how the putter head material transmits feel is to try them all out yourself. Lighter materials also tend to contribute to more hand action in the stroke, whereas heavier putter heads tend to slow down the stroke and help it remain more consistent. The greatest merit in using a center shafted putter is that it provides the perfect distance control and accurate putting stance. If a center shafted putter has a brass insert, then it has been observed that the feel and feedback to the player is perfectly delivered. As soon as the ball hits at the centre of the putter face, it gives a soft “click” sound that allows a golfer to gauge his/her effectiveness in putting. Title :- 1) Golf Terms Explained 2) Golf Terms Defined 3) Briefing of few of the golf terms 4) Common golf terms Golf club putter terms explained in alphabetically order. In your search for a golf club putter that fits you many technical terms whizzed past your ears. So, let me explain some of them point by point in alphabetical order. Belly Putter - Longer shaft than usually, but not the same lenght as a so-called Broomstick or Long putter. The shaft end is placed - let's call it anchored - to your belly, that's the firm hinge point for making a balanced pendule swing. Has a thicker grip. Some lady golfers swear by this putter type, others can't stand the position and rather choose for more conventional equipment. Bent Putter or Curved Putter - The tip of the shaft has a small curve to the putter head, meant for more balance and offset. Blade Model - Iron head form, flat face, but difficult for beginners, good for mid and especially low handicap women. Sometimes the blade model is heel shafted: the tip of the shaft is tied to the heel of these type of lady golf putters. Sometimes center shafted putter: if the shaft is tied to the center of the club head - then it is also called center shaft putter. Broomstick Golf Club Putter or Long Putter - Longer than all other lady golf putters. This lady golf club is difficult. You have to be sure about your technique to control this one. Center Shaft Putter - The shaft is tied to the center of the head. Difficult to control. Beginners better can choose another one. Conventional Putter - Use this golf club putter, if you could, in other words, at least start with a conventional putter. That's what pro's are teaching us. So let us be well-behaved! Concentrate on you putting line and go! Face Balanced - The toe and the heel are in balance. You can test this by yourself: just put the middle of the shaft on your forefinger - if the golf putter remains balancing horizontal, then it is a face balanced club. I recommended this one for short putts. Ideal for a perfect pendule swing! Heel Toe Weighted - The weight has been distributed equally to the heel and toe - sometimes by using inserts (see under Insert), sometimes by a cavity designed center. Meant to make, according to manufacturers, the lady golf putter more forgiving. Hosel - The point where the shaft is fixed onto the lady golf putter head. Insert - Small stripes of metal to distributed the weight in a lady golf putter head. Inserts of soft materials are used to create a kind of a jumping or trampoline effect when you hit the ball, or a buffing effect when the putter is used at a very fast green. Mallet - Putter with a large and well-known semi-circled head. The weight is equally devided over the head. Milled Putter - Golf club putter heads constructed by a special production method for creating the perfect loft and precision. Offset Golf Putter - Your hands are further ahead from the club face. Meant for lady golfers who actually push the ball to the hole. Your eyes are more above the ball, thus you can create more top spin. Perimeter Weighted - The weight has been distributed over the edges of the head, creating a largers sweetspot, therefore these lady golf putters forgive more mishits. Toe Weighted - The weight has been distributed to the toe of the golf club putter.

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NEW Ver-Trac Photo Gallery (click to view)

Our new launch of the Ver-Trac golf collection is growing by the minute. Today I want to provide you with our new photo gallery of our golf putters. These photos were taken by a professional photographer. We want our viewers to be able to see the details of our golf putters so you can see the amazing details involved with our 100% custom designs. Ver-Trac plans on expanding this photo gallery over time to bring you the best images of our putter collection. We encourage our viewers to add any of our putter images to their favorite social networking profiles to show them off to all your friends. This is one reason why we are using to allow our viewers the ability to track and add our images as they wish.

After you get a chance to look over our putter images, leave us some feedback! Also, you can follow us on twitter: to keep track real time updates involving the Ver-Trac putter collection. Remember the most important dimension in golf is the last 4 inches.

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This and That

Today we want to introduce a unique website we came across from a google search. We feel that this site will benefit you in many ways.

The site is:

This site is a golf promotions company, they work with golf courses and golf businesses through out the country to bring golfers the latest golf discounts and golf specials that golf courses, and golf related businesses have to offer. And in return, they help those golf courses and golf related businesses advertise, market, and promote their golf course, golf products, and golf related services to thousands of golfers through out the country, helping to increase rounds, traffic, sales, revenue, and their marketing dollar.

Also, check out their virtual golf game, its really cool! They have alot of great video golf tips, article golf tips, and a FREE newsletter to keep you up to date and much more.

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